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1. Save money off your grocery bills
The same companies that supply your local grocery store supply us. We are offering all products at up to 30% less than your local grocery store.
2. Support local businesses and Alberta farmers
All products are produced locally and made with AAA Alberta Beef, Pork and Chicken.
3. Keep putting $ into your organizations bank account.
This is all accomplished by doing something we need and do every day, feed our families! How much easier can fundraising get?


Current Monthly Purchaser...
“The quality of the beef and chicken is higher than grocery store standards, at is less expensive!”

Glen, Father of Atom “AA” player...
“My son sold $2,180.00 worth of product to our neighbours and friends, all whom had positive comments about the food.”

Manger for Spin-line Team...
“Our team raised enough money to pay for the year end party which over 60 people attended.”

Sherri, Mother of 99 Summer Hockey player...
“We ordered the BBQ pack which was a great hit for our family get together last summer!"

We All Need to Buy Groceries

The average family spends $300 per month on meat and other foods.  When purchased from Meat Locker Foods instead of a grocer, 21-23% of this cost would be allocated to their team as revenue.  A team of 17 players would raise $1,173 per month (23% of 17x$300) just by purchasing their own meat from Meat Locker Foods. If every family had support from two other families (say, a friend and co-workers), annual revenue would be as high as $42,228.  It really is that simple!